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To date, there have been 37 studies on RiboCeine’s unique Mechanism of Action and its overall effect on endogenous Glutathione production. The following links direct to 3rd party research sites that host these peer-reviewed and published studies.

RiboCeine is the result of 25 years of scientific research and was developed by the world-renowned research scientist and Medicinal Chemist Herbert T. Nagasawa, Ph.D. and his team of researchers at the University of Minnesota and the VA Medical Center.

Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa

“Glutathione is found in every cell for good reason. It is the master antioxidant for the cell and protects every cell against oxidative damage resulting from oxidative stress.”

Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, PhD, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Senior Research Career Scientist, Veterans Administration.

For over 45 years Dr. Herbert Nagasawa has worked to advance the fields of bio and medicinal chemistry, including pioneering a breakthrough antidote for cyanide poisoning. Dr. Nagasawa dedicated a lifetime to researching more effective means of supporting cellular production of glutathione, with a focus on developing prodrugs of biologically active substances, including those of endogenous origin. In his search for a more advanced means of cysteine delivery compared to NAC, he and his team innovated the RiboCeine molecule.

Dr. Nagasawa received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Western Reserve University (now, Case-Western Reserve) in Cleveland, Ohio, and a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. Subsequently, he spent two years as a Post-doctoral Fellow in Biochemistry at the University of Minnesota before joining the research staff of the V.A. Medical Center in Minneapolis as a Senior Chemist.

He was appointed Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Minnesota in 1959, and was named Principal Scientist of the VAMC in 1961. In 1976, Dr. Nagasawa was promoted to Senior Research Career Scientist, a nationwide Veteran Administration title reserved for the VA’s top scientists, and was promoted in 1963 to Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and to Professor in 1973.

Though retired, Dr. Nagasawa still remains on faculty as an Adjunct Professor at the Centers for Drug Design, University of Minnesota.

Jeanette Roberts, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Roberts earned her B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania and her Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She served fifteen years at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, four years as a professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Division at the University of Wisconsin, and then eleven years as Dean of the School of Pharmacy at UW. She also served as the Director for the UW Madison Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. As a graduate student, Dr. Roberts worked directly with Dr. Nagasawa and wrote her doctoral thesis on the development of RiboCeine.

Science Team

Scott Nagasawa, Pharm.D.

Dr. Scott Nagasawa has a successful history as Senior V.P. of Professional Services for a national pharmacy provider and later was co-owner of Regional Home Infusion Pharmacy. Dr. Nagasawa was the Chief Technical Officer for the startup company, Cellgevity, founded by himself, his brother Stuart Nagasawa, M.D., Scott Momii and Dr. Herbert Nagasawa. Together they developed the breakthrough product that is now Max’s premiere supplement. Scott received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California (USC). As Director of Pharmaceutical Services for a large teaching hospital in Los Angeles, California, he held the positions of Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy Practice and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at USC.

Scott Momii, M.B.A.

Scott graduated with a B.A. degree from San Jose State University, received an M.B.A. from Boston University, and completed a summer business program at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. Scott has served as both General Manager of a research, development and manufacturing company for specialty chemicals, and as Director of Operations for a biotechnology company that developed vaccines and cancer therapeutics. His responsibilities included manufacturing and quality control, overseeing and implementation of sales and marketing programs, as well as customer service and accounting.