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Medical Symposium Series Part I
Genomic Wellness & Improving Immune System Regulation

Join Dr. Margie Smith and Scott Nagasawa, PhD as they present and discuss genomic wellness and how it relates to immune system regulation. Hear some of the latest findings on immune system health, the antioxidant system, and the benefits of Glutathione.

Medical Symposium Series Part II
D-Ribose-L-Cysteine (DRCL) and Its Function in Wound Healing

Join Harvard graduate and Columbia University alum Dr. Adam E. Saltman for Max International’s Medical Symposium Part II: D-Ribose-L-Cysteine (DRCL) and Its Function in Wound Healing to learn about current findings of the role of nutritional supplementation of DRCL in the treatment of wounds and wound healing.

Medical Symposium Series Part III
Medical Education Presentation: Max Products and Formulation

Health and Wellness supplements must be formulated in an uncompromising manner. It’s imperative to provide only premium products in our industry. Nutritionals should never be compromised and the greatest value should be achieved. Join us for a detailed look into the processes and rationale behind formulating Max’s products.

Medical Symposium Series Part IV
Research and Development of RiboCeine™ ~ An Oral Glutathione Precursor

In the world’s current health environment, this timely and relevant presentation includes comprehensive information including a Scientific Overview of Glutathione, The Benefits of Glutathione, and The Research & Development of RiboCeine™.

Medical Symposium Series Part V
A Conversation About Broccoli, Glucoraphanin & Sulforaphane –
Phytochemicals and their Role in Preserving Health

Please join us for a special presentation by Dr. Jed Fahey and his colleague Dr. Angela Mastaloudis to learn about the on-going research into phytochemicals, how to include them into a healthy diet, and the role they play in “Healthspan” for you and your patients.