• The Problem of Senescence

As the body ages it experiences the time-related deterioration of physiological functions. This includes the ability to produce Glutathione, which starts as a gradual decline and compounds over time.

This declining insufficiency is compounded by disease, illness, exposure to environmental toxins and stress – all which further depletes Glutathione.

Further, some individuals can experience a genetic inability to produce sufficient levels of Glutathione. Those who suffer this natural deficiency are even more at risk for a rapid decrease in Glutathione production.

Means of Supplementation

The question is – how can levels of Glutathione be raised effectively to combat this eventual depletion? Methods of direct supplementation of Glutathione are problematic. Research shows that oral supplementation of Glutathione (GSH) is inadequate as intestinal enzymes degrade Glutathione as it passes through the digestive tract.

There are other methods, such as intravenous and nebulized Glutathione, that can be cost prohibitive to the average patient.

To date, the most common and effective means of Glutathione enhancement has been providing the body with known Glutathione precursors.